I’m Spencer Wells, a scientist, author and explorer living on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. In my past life I’ve been an academic, a writer and documentary filmmaker, an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society, and a successful entrepreneur. My training is in population genetics, which I’ve used as a tool to study human prehistory — particularly our journey as a species to populate the world over the past 100,000 years — though these days I’m far more likely to be found at an archaeological site or floating over a remote Indonesian coral reef than in a lab.

My wife Holly and I have have lived on Lombok since April 2020 (we moved here at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic), and I now spend my time exploring fascinating places, primarily in Southeast Asia, driven entirely by personal curiosity and a desire to understand more about the biology, history and cultures of the region.

The remit in the tagline is science, history, travel, food — the good stuff… and that’s as good a description as any of what you’ll find here. Feel free to dive into my posts and, if you like what you read, please subscribe and join me in my explorations.


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Science, history, travel, food — the good stuff...


Spencer Wells

scientist • author • explorer